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Teak Furniture Care And Maintenance

Sealer works best on a clean surface, so give the teak a cleaning before starting the sealing process. Sealer must be regularly applied for continuous protection — once per year is adequate. After https://nhuaducanh.com/relief-carving-patterns/ two weeks, wash the wood and let it dry completely. Sealers need an oil-free surface to attach to, so wipe the wood heavily with a rag soaked in acetone to remove all oil from the surface.

treating teak

These small imperfections will not change the strength of the wood, so don’t worry about them. But if a large structural crack does appear, there could be a larger problem present, such as defective construction. Below are the simple steps to apply teak wood oil effectively. Lacquer is highly flammable so a lacquered piece of furniture has higher potentials for an explosion and for catching fire than all other furniture. This is another good reason you should never use lacquer for your teak wood furniture.

Real Teak Oil Is Already Inside The Wood

One of the truly admirable things about teak is that it becomes more beautiful as it ages. New teak has a slightly yellow color and aged teak becomes a rich, deep orange. If you’re a collector of original, teak mid-century modern furniture, congratulations! When properly cared for, teak furniture can look like new for generations. Sand the surface of the teak lightly and evenly, using either a hand sanding block, a handheld rotary tool, a hand orbital sander or an oscillating tool as appropriate. Going to follow the directions on cleaning up a poorly taken care of back deck on the boat I just purchased.

And we also have a full selection of patio furniture in various styles and types; view all Family Leisure Patio Furniture here. Be aware that oils are available in different stains and ask a store partner for your preferred stain such as natural or any darker tone. Give your wood furniture a face-lift with these finishing tips. Properly cared-for teak will change color slightly and the grain will be more pronounced after oiling.

Protect Teak Furniture Teak Water And Stain Guard

Another option is commercial grade teak cleaner, which can be found online or at a local hardware store. Applications for teak wood should never be all-purpose wood cleaners. Teak is a special type of wood and requires teak cleaners, oils, clear coating, etc. The oil in the very outer layer of teak wood will begin to evaporate and oxidize after being exposed to the air and sunlight for a few weeks. You will notice that the rich honey-like color of new teak will begin to fade and become more a of a pale yellow. Apply even pressure as you move along the furniture or decking.

To clean teak furniture while maintaining the silver gray look, occasionally wash with a solution of mild liquid dish soap and water. We do not recommend power-washing teak wood as it may damage the wood. Surprisingly, some of the most common tools for cleaning wood can be the wrong choice when it comes to how to care for teak wood. Pressure washers are to be avoided as they can scour and roughen the wood’s surface.

Both are completely normal results of this material’s unique aging process. To allow your teak to age naturally and beautifully, all that is recommended is a good thorough cleaning at least once a year . The cleaning process helps remove any dust and pollen in the grain of the wood. Dust and pollen can accumulate over time and lead to mildew growth (dark/black discoloration) and can even cause the wood to crack.

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